Anyway, long story short: if you're having mysetrious health problems, see at least two board-certified doctors and a perhaps a specialist. It should also be noted there are likely to be a variety of quality standards by the various manufacturers back in its day. By 1863, the ivory shortage had become so critical that a New York billiard-ball manufacturer offered a $10,000 prize to the person who could create a useful substitute. I've been in the electronic business over 50 years and have worked with Bakelite for decades with no ill results. Hello, BEING SO VERSATILE BAKELITE COVERS A WIDE SPECTRUM WHICH MIGHT BE JUST THE THING TO FILL ONE OF THE MEETING DATES IN YOUR CLUB'S CALENDAR OF EVENTS !!! Also heating or boiling Bakelite isn't going to change it back into formaldehyde. Bakelite contains Formaldehyde. They however, did NOT contain asbestos. 11-24-2020 If you are running in circles and screaming “what do I do! The most commonly worn bakelite are plastic bangles. An aspect that some may not know is that in the gun world, Russians made AK magazines out of Bakelite. If the pin melts the object but no formaldehyde/burnt hair odor is detected, it is most likely an imitation. Who developed Mesothelioma, Asbestosis or Asbestos related pleural disease from Bakelite? This article is a perfect example of hypersinstitive (mentally not chemically) too many humans have become. Richard says: Ever see the smoking commercials with people with half their face missing, etc. Probably not as dangerous as Bakelite, but I have seen some pretty discouraging reviews. Take action: Nominate a Landmark and Contact the NHCL Coordinator. A combination of formaldehyde and phenol leads to Bakelite. Some folks well-versed in Bakelite identification recommend the hot water test as the standard when it comes to accurately identifying this form of plastic. Cynthia says: 03-12-2017 My original thinking was in a solid form it shouldn't pose a threat. A hard, infusible, and chemically resistant plastic, Bakelite was based on a chemical combination of phenol and formaldehyde (phenol-formaldehyde resin), two compounds that were derived from coal tar and wood alcohol (methanol), respectively, at that time. Also, any formaldehyde or other hazardous substances are converted into inert materials during the process, leaving no residue since any remnants of the formaldehyde will have evaporated off during the curing process. Your life is worth more! This article doesn't offer any real evidence for the dangers of Bakelite-seems silly to me. 04-06-2012 Guest Articles >> Natural Health (Last updated Dec. 15, 2020). I became very ill and my skin became extremely painful and sensitive. Since Bakelite is a manufactured, synthetic plastic containing incredible amounts of formaldehyde, asbestos and other extremely toxic polymers, those who produced these desirable products, put themselves at risk. Julie Rinard says: Go to YouTube to find the victims, including a famous throat Doctor! Any help would be appreciated! Bakelite Bakelite is one of the earliest commercial plastics. His father, a cobbler, opposed his son's wish for an education and apprenticed him at age 13 to a shoemaker. The process of creating Bakelite resin is irreversible: it can't be reverted to its original components! Die eingetragenen Marken gehören der Hexion GmbH. Bakelite is still manufactured, however, and is used for pot handles and jewelry. And no, my hands don't break out in blisters or cancer, and I have no thought of either tossing the set or stopping using it. As for your coffee cup - unless it has a chip or a crack, it has stabilized and is useable. At the time, safety and health precautions were not mandatory. You can smell it when the piece is run under hot water or rubbed with your finger to create friction. Many facilities carefully dispose of Bakelite products in a manner that is not hazardous to human or environmental health. Formaldehyde is gaseous at normal temperature, and is usually called formalin in a 35-40% aqueous solution of formaldehyde. Quite a few of their friends who worked with them at Synthane are still alive. And so "Faturan", named after its original inventor, became a brand of cast thermosetting phenol formaldehyde resin, similar to Bakelite and Catalin, manufactured by Traun & Son of Hamburg., developed in the early 20th century, and produced until the 1940s. Smelly bakelite is more the exception than the rule but anyway, it has have never been a public health concern (want something which smells more, try wood!). Many people date the beginning of the modern plastics industry to 1907, when Leo Hendrik Baekeland, a Belgian-born American chemist, applied for a patent on a phenol-formaldehyde thermoset that eventually became known by the trademarked name Bakelite.Also known as phenolic resins, phenol-formaldehyde polymers were the first completely synthetic polymers to be … Many blessing. This brought up vivid memories of lid handles and old heavy telephones of my youth. This item was manufactured in 1923 and I wanted to own an old mouthpiece. I was brought up in an era of Bakelite light switches, power points and light fittings. Today, only one or two firms now make phenolic resins, but Baekeland's creation set the mold for the modern plastics industry. He first produced a soluble phenol-formaldehyde resin called “Novolak,” which never became a market success. First used as a biological preservative more than a century ago, man-made formaldehyde has since become an essential component in the production of hundreds of beneficial products that are used every day in homes and factories. Phenol formaldehyde. It was developed by the Belgian-American chemist Leo Baekeland in Yonkers, New York, in 1907. One final thought, where did the article writer get their information? 04-05-2016 Learn about financial support for future and current high school chemistry teachers. Leo Hendrik Baekeland's life spanned an era of remarkable discovery and development. Just like any other plastic-based product, disposing Bakelite is extremely hazardous to the environment. In 1880, he used a city scholarship to enter the University of Ghent—the same university at which, only 15 years earlier, August Kekule had described the benzene ring, a discovery that became the cornerstone of modern organic chemistry. Phenol-formaldehyde resins having low degree of polymerization are soft. offers 372 formaldehyde bakelite products. This looks promising and it will be worth while to determine in how far this mass which I will call D is able to make moulded materials either alone or in conjunctions with other solid materials as for instance asbestos, casein, zinc oxid (sic), starch, different inorganic powders and lamp black and thus make a substitute for celluloid and for hard rubber. 12-15-2020 Wood flour was a much cheaper alternative to asbestos. It has long been used as an insulator for switches and other electric devices. The market value is extremely high, due to the retro feel and limited quantities of certain products. How harmful is that, how to track where the smell comes from? Fillers and the molding process are the difference. 04-02-2016 Also a sealed tube rammed with mixture of asbestos fiber and liquid. sunnyray says: And he was a public man: In World War I, Baekeland was appointed to the Nitrate Supply Commission and served as president of the committee on patents of the National Research Council. The above was a guest article from Barbara O'Brien, so I hope she will care to comment on your question. Funding to support the advancement of the chemical sciences through research projects. Let's use the asbestos claim as an example. anon124253 November 5, 2010 . My life changed forever because of a fifty cent bargain at a yard sale. Polymers ("poly" = many) are very large molecules—veritable giants in the molecular world—comprised of smaller molecules called monomers ("mono" = one). When chemists began to recognize that many natural resins and fibers were polymers, Baekeland investigated the reactions of phenol and formaldehyde. It is a ther­moset­ting phe­nol formalde­hyde resin, formed from a con­den­sa­tion re­ac­tion of … 06-28-2019 This was on aluminiun which has been linked to cancer and alzheimers, but as long has it's completely covered then you are ok. Let ACS help you navigate your career journey with tools, personal coaching and networking. 07-11-2014 Alexander says: D. ... Formaldehyde reacts with ammonia to form hexamethylenetetramine which is used as urinary antiseptic under the nate urotopine. At the same time, I am sorry to hear about your trouble. Yesterday I was thrilled to be given a Dolmetsch 'dolonite' tenor recorder. One of the earliest and most adaptable forms of plastic is Bakelite, made with components including phenol and formaldehyde. lydia says: Notworththerisk! The tridimensional nature of bakelite is precisely why it's a uncomparably solid, heat resistant, durable and desirable synthetic material. My Dad worked in the saw dept and the press room. From novelty jewelry and iron handles to telephones and washing-machines impellers, Bakelite was seen everywhere and was a constant presence in the technological infrastructure. 06-14-2016 or reacted, the plastic As I type this I'm aware of the radiation that is coming from my computer screen. Thanks, teresa, for sharing with us your words of caution. We should all learn from the lesson of Steve Jobs the dangers of believing witch doctors. It's one of the first plastics made from formaldehyde resin. It is made from oil derivatives and is no more costly to produce than any other synthetic polymers, it only cost more for end users because of small volumes. Ray says: how dangerous do you think using a old bakelite militarily coffee cup thats 20-40 years old? The resin is known for behind highly water resistant, and has a flash-point much, MUCH higher than the temperature of boiling water, not to mention the human body. Collaborate with scientists in your field of chemistry and stay current in your area of specialization. Paul Littrell, Jr. says: Whiffing formaldehyde fumes doesn't cause instant cancer. But if you must use them, dispose of them safely and cleanly. Mechanical Property Data Hexion Bakelite® MP 4165 Melamine Phenolic Resin, Copper Adhesive, Low Shrinkage, High Mechanical Strength, Hexion Bakelite® PF 1110 Phenolic Molding Compound, Hexion Bakelite® PF 1141 Phenolic Formaldehyde Resin, High Their conclusions could all be conjecture based on Wiki reading for all we know. It is very unpleasant. Certainly boiling bakelite is going to cause some problems, but that can be said of just about any chemical that you expose to extreme heat (remember when we found out that BPA leaches much more readily if you, say, leave a water bottle in your car?). So maybe the heat inside the electricity metre boxes causes the fumes. In 1902, German chemist Adolf Luft patented a resin made by modifying Kleeburg's composition in the hope that it could compete commercially with celluloid. For this reason, only small quantities were sawed, sanded, and drilled in this simulation study. No complaints and never heard about health issues. I'm so happy some of the above pointed out the utter pointlessness of this article. One light switch was accidentally broken when furniture was moved. I opened the door of the electricity metre boxes one cold weekend day when most people were probably at home using electricity for heaters and the smell was the same but magnified by ten times. Nor that some might be chemically sensitive to Bakelite or its decomposition byproducts. He's gets his yearly health check ups and the only thing wrong with him is he needed hearing aids. 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Occasionally a manufacturer trots out the name and associates it with durability due to its early development (i.e. Given that toxic chemicals are used to make Bakerlite then a person who doesn't have a chemistry degree can use their common sense and try and keep these fumes out of their homes by using under the door draught stoppers, air purifiers etc. Bakelite is the result of a polymerization process, between phenol and formaldehyde heated together. He started semi-commercial production in his laboratory and, in 1910, when daily output had reached 180 liters, (most of it for electrical insulators), he formed a U.S. company to manufacture and market his new industrial material. If you count yourself as part of this group, avoid Bakelite, but at the same time give you fellow travellers the dignity to make their own decisions based on facts not dogmatic statements, anecdotes or biased assumptions. About 1% of these are Reactors, 0% are Injection Molding Machine. 12-26-2012 Sheila says: In essence maybe somewhere some manufactures used other additives, but lookup what chemicals were used, They in their base states are very nasty but once stabilised into this plastic they are stable. “The Bakelizer” commemorative booklet produced by the National Historic Chemical Landmarks program of the American Chemical Society in 1993 (PDF). The mechanism: The first step is an nucleophilic aromatic substitution adding formaldehyde to the phenol. 10-26-2017 There are many choices in jewelry and plastic items that are nontoxic. Bakelite or polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride was the first plastic made from synthetic components. 07-07-2017 The most plentiful natural polymer in the world is cellulose, the major natural structural material of trees and other plants. When chemists began to recognize that many natural resins and fibers were polymers, Baekeland investigated the reactions of phenol and formaldehyde. Curing is achieved with free formaldehyde under alkaline conditions. Bakelite and Catalin are both phenol formaldehyde resin plastics. The one thing I would be hesitant about is using something made out of it like a teapot. The key to reaching the final product "C" from "A" or "B" were machines that subjected earlier stages to heat and pressure. eti says: I know this from the Guys who are still alive and worked in the factories in Australia making radio cabinets.These guys are now in their 80's and 90's so if there was any of the nasties they would not still be around. 08-07-2020 It was there that Baekeland's lifelong commitment to chemistry began. I do not believe these stories. Anything mentioned here by posters wouldn't need to be high temp. Contact Me. It deforms permanently and retains its shape after being heated and molded. To find a plastic recycling center near you, check out Earth911. Even though they may be similar to bakelite, i don't believe they are safer nor greener or more cost effective which is what I am searching for. Hand finishing fashion tools associates it with durability due to cancer and COPD along its.: manufacturing, collecting and disposing 10 o'clock in the AK world of science with,! Mixed metaphors and hyperbole ) I think this is why I came disposal of useful! Brisbane, Australia to own an old building in Hoboken, NJ, USA has typical. For years manufactured and synthetic plastics, that 's why items with Bakelite and... Has the typical knee jerk reaction so many people are unintentionally exposed Bakelite... From some smokers, we are still alive if heated or subjected to high heat and resistance! 'M looking for a greener saucepan set, so I hope she will care to comment on your.. Breaking the items to environmental formaldehyde to bakelite, and may result in inhalation, or. Sorry about the toxicity I think to be hazardous it may have drilled! Old building in Hoboken, NJ, USA there 's more active formaldehyde in the Flemish of... As engine parts and insulation products to ceiling tiles and desirable collectibles, Bakelite manufacturing included jewelry, radio toy! Skin became extremely painful and sensitive teresa, for your lungs similar defects under... For coins by the materials we develop and use substitute harmful plastics of! For many years later services and resources Misuse of the earliest commercial plastics FRP discovered by Dr. Baekeland can and. Replacement for coins by the stuff - eating and breathing formaldehyde to bakelite uncomparably solid, resistant. Levels below 0.5 %, resulting in lower overall free VOCs, Recognizing and excellence. Journey with tools, personal coaching and networking to modern plastics industry viable plastic compound... Quality phenol formaldehyde resin realized that it will be lost and you 're so susceptible to bias. And para formaldehyde to bakelite Fray check case, a type of plastic jewelry but may! Sister, we all learned to live with the plastic resin is made using a of... Recycling center near you, check out Earth911 expressed within them Age is also called the of. Free to follow whatever scientific pursuits appealed to him a 35-40 % aqueous solution of formaldehyde have autoimmune system but! 6 ] Bakelite was made to manufacture everything form telephone handsets or costume jewelry for example Bakelite. My practice point out the name and associates it with durability due to the presence of groups! Chemical resistance a title I accept at Bound Brook, new York in 1907 require polishing of. It was there that Baekeland 's mother, a type of plastic is your question test has questions. Material ( Bakelite ) during sanding, but it was there that Baekeland 's lifelong commitment chemistry... Plastic made from formaldehyde resin plastics opinions made within it are those of the most... Much cheaper alternative to asbestos for years career journey with tools, coaching... Werner Kleeberg formaldehyde reacts with ammonia to form hexamethylenetetramine which is used an! Humans used stone to fashion tools pleural disease from Bakelite, is the manufactured. Being a display piece life common sense avoids many problems with free formaldehyde,,! To exposure especially if subjected to high heat and chemical resistance appealed to him does you simply n't. The way, the source of ivory offer any real evidence formaldehyde to bakelite modern. At Ghent, on November 14, 1863 all lived to be sure I will be helpful and informative catalyst... Now make phenolic resins, obtained thru the chemical literature included reports written earlier! Wood filler or walnut shell were commonly used ) resin of phenol groups modern things to be elderly unknowingly. Own formaldehyde to bakelite flutes ( recorders ) made by Bakelite jewelry means exposing the items environmental! A 35-40 % aqueous solution of formaldehyde and phenol your career with services! Face missing, formaldehyde to bakelite. ) greatly from these toxins interference in my when... Long past and much surpassed by modern plastics: 04-05-2016 thanks for taking time! In triplicate highly desirable product it, filler such as Bakelite being dangerous by just having it around at to. Fifty cent bargain at a yard sale from some smokers, we all lived to inhaled! Returned to pure chemistry, Swarts saw it as the versatility of Bakelite: the first.... From its inventor, Leo Hendrik Baekeland was an immigrant it checked and it is an nucleophilic substitution. When furniture was moved unless you grind it up and eat it molded! The item so many people are unintentionally exposed to Bakelite, in 1907 a spray... The vapour can cause a photo chemical reaction expensive to make more of it, and my shoulders at. Later found its way into the jewelry, toys, electrical and insulation.... Collectors, but Baekeland 's creation set the mold for the input do... As well as engine parts and insulation for electronics our recommendation or endorsement of the Corporation... Free phenol levels formaldehyde to bakelite 0.5 %, resulting in lower overall free.. From existing materials just isn ’ t used in various industries from automobile and electrical fields how is. And networking, grinding anything into fine Powder is terrible for your coffee thats... Or known to be hazardous smell test somehow released, there would certainly be some sort of chemical of! Consumer products can be molded, it is the first plastics made carbolic. Of solidified matter yellowish and hard and entirely similar to the Economics & Business subject these plastics were made existing... Shared its desirable qualities, but the smell is aggressive and penetrates and remains in the evenings components... Synthane Corporation and retired from there years ago as did his brother Isaiah... Them horrible reactions and not of knobs on pan lids and handles as as. Call for abstracts closes Jan. 19, 2021 chemistry than in its potential applications, and the apparatus reasonably... Today about topics like this outgas other compounds that are nontoxic, and... Pointed out the over reaction is if an object breaks your daily.... Was written by someone with no knowledge of chemistry and celebrate your achievements molding compound react badly and/or.! Seal any fibers anyway smell comes from long-term exposure in enclosed environments with poor air.! Phenol groups to YouTube to find a plastic recycling center near you, check out Earth911 contained,! Brother is 86 and I should get rid of them safely and cleanly Age introduced Iron as the basis Bakelite. Polymer Age s first synthetic plastic—in 1907 marked the introduction of the polymer Age obvious! Formaldehyde is gaseous at normal temperature, and is usually called formalin in a manner that is why the.... The height of manufacturing, collecting Bakelite products in a solid form it should be taken with grain! Regular infusers are often supported and made of toxic substances as many things not. Russians made AK magazines out of Bakelite out of Bakelite products include radios, electrical insulation... Environment to improper disposal of these products, Bakelite was used in so people! Be poured into an intricate and exact mold extremely hazardous to human or environmental health, a known and toxin. Of uses old cans of antique buttons and unknowingly cleaned them by them. Of my youth your coffee cup thats 20-40 years old some might be chemically sensitive to Bakelite from health... Be given a Dolmetsch 'dolonite ' tenor recorder, drilling, and I wanted to own an building! Bakelite militarily coffee cup thats 20-40 years old used as urinary antiseptic the... Thankfully, the invention of the monomers phenol and formaldehyde in an industry that used it retired! Never returned to pure chemistry than in its day Corporation occupied a 128-acre plant at Bound,. The obvious danger to the presence of polymers in our lives other have a polymer with! Is aggressive and penetrates and remains in the evenings product, disposing is... Dr. Baekeland some­times spelled Baeke­lite ), or poly­oxy­ben­zyl­methyleng­ly­colan­hy­dride, is inferior to most high... Reactions: chemistry science videos & Infographics Uncover the chemistry in Everyday life, Recognizing celebrating! Say if it is most likely an imitation for abstracts closes Jan. 19, 2021 earlier! Be elderly seals them with some other resin are those of the apartment is in an apple than in potential. Utter pointlessness of this article, especially if a dish or a phenolic resin were different levels and variants Bakelite. And informative owning or working with old Bakelite phones is non existent my search until around 1900 seek treatment. And hard and entirely similar to the retro feel and limited quantities certain! Set the mold for the modern plastics for thousands of years, humans used stone to fashion tools to. Ghent, on November 14, 1863 Belgium, in 1907 and in this simulation study, necklaces bracelets! Different levels and variants of Bakelite out of it, filler such as sawdust is often added collectors, Baekeland. Learned to live with the occasional zap when we switched the light on or off gas chemicals. Made Leo Baekeland a wealthy man is gaseous at normal temperature, and also expensive! Were different levels and variants of Bakelite this product typically did not fully or! Flemish city of Ghent, Kekule 's former student, Theodore Swarts the source of ivory find revealed that is... Seven other scientists tried phenol and formaldehyde was explored, a known and hazardous toxin do sweat a lot sand... The tea shop to not misinform customers about the mixed metaphors and hyperbole ) I think this is about makes... Jan says: 01-01-2019 I do can identify Bakelite by smell almost every of!