Toilets are always outside, and can sometimes be a bit of a walk. Traildino grading: MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail; Hut tour grading: T1, Walk. Early season June/July snow and mossies. The options go on forever, but as you can see, the Kungsleden pretty much caters for everyone who wants to be out there in nature and be one with it. 295 SEK. Children 5 – 15 years. We are looking for a challenge as well as beautiful views and nature. Thank you very much for the informations! Unfortunately I do not have experience with the Fjallraven Classic to be able to advise on more details on the expected pace of participants. You can read more details on sleeping at a mountain cabin here: (12km / 7 miles). First of all, thank you for sharing all your experiences with everyone! It will probably be a small miracle if I don’t have to make retourn-tours on the worst parts of the trail .. how would you estimate the problem? Traildino graad: MW, Gemiddelde wandeling, trektocht; Huttentrektocht graad: T1, Wandeling. Would be possible in Abisko? Hi, Hope these are helpful, and enjoy the trail! thank you for all the useful informations! Hi Aaron, Thanks for all the helpful information. Sign in Sign up for FREE Prices and download plans Other essentials: cash/ credit card (to pay for the huts/ food); map (can be bought at Abisko or Kebnekaise Mountain Station); good hiking backpack, raincoat/ waterproof jacket and rain pants, camera and sufficient batteries (or just soak in the view); water bottle, mug, enough underwear and socks; books or some comfort items (e.g. Household duties (such as firewood chopping and carrying water) are shared by the guests. You do not need to be an STF member to stay in the huts, however, if you are planning to utilize the huts each night, then I recommend joining the STF, as membership will save you about $10 per night. Hi Paolo! (we have already researched the crossing times, prices & contacts). I am planning to hike the northern section this September and was wondering about the connection from Nikkaluoka to Kiruna Airport. If you need to complete the trail in 4 days, a possible split could be (assuming a walking speed of 2-3km per hour): The last 2 days are likely to be the more tiring one, 3rd because of the uphill and 4th because of the distance. STF membership will also grant you access to use the kitchens at the huts along the trail, even if you’re not staying for the night, which would be really useful for a lunch stop if you’re planning to complete 2 hut distances in a day. Household duties (such as firewood chopping and carrying water) are shared by the guests. Something I can think of that might get you into a difficult situation/ off trail is poor weather or nightfall. For your first question, some things to consider: Required fields are marked *. Mountain Hut (breakfast, dinner and a packed lunch) Stage 1: Abisko to Abiskojaure Blue 3 13.5km with 160m ascent, 55m descent This relatively short stage follows the Abiskojakka river and lake through the Abisko National Park to the first hut. in 2015 the snow didn’t clear at Tjaktja for the entire year). I did not book my accommodation on the Kungsleden beforehand, and no guides/ pre-arranged permits are required. Even if they’re out of stock, some of the cabins along the trail might have stock (wider range at Abiskojaure, Alesjaure and Salka). 4) Yes, as long as it is a clear night there is a good chance of seeing the northern lights along the trail. Hi Joshua, thanks for visiting and glad the info is useful. Some measures should be good but probably don’t need to prep too much for it, especially since you’re going almost in September. Hello Thank you for your kind words, and hope you’ll have a great time! We are looking for both a challenge (in terms of distance, but also in terms of difficulty) and a beautiful tour to walk along. Dann fühle dich angesprochen! Excellent post!! I would imagine the airport is small but you never know about the security check, etc. I am planing to hike the entire Trail in July/ August 2019 I am a solo hiker and I’m wondering about how necessary a map is. Thanks for dropping by It seems that the Fjallraven Classic has start groups from Nikkaluokta from 9, 10 and 11th August this year, so if you’re also heading from Nikkaluokta to Abisko, you should be able to avoid the crowds if you start your hike on the 12th or later. Thanks for the information, those are definitely very useful! Purchase from, 395 SEK – 1 night at Abisko Turiststation, dorm bed, online + member price, 5 * 450 SEK – 5 nights on the trail – Singi, Salka, Tjaktja, Alesjaure, Abiskojaure (or the other way), 610 SEK onwards – 1 night at Kebnekaise Mountain Station, dorm bed, online + member price (might sell out), 191 SEK – train between Abisko and Kiruna (might be cheaper closer to departure date), Total = 3891 SEK (420 USD) including transport, excluding food. Even if you’re not planning on sitting in the sauna, there is a plentiful supply of hot water, which you can use to wash yourself after a long day hiking. This is an excellent resource! Hemavan bus stop to Viterskalet (STF hut) 13 km; You can skip the first km or so and the first ascent by taking one of the ski lifts. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. Be sure that your food is not just purely functional, but also taste good enough. Good shout!! It’s a big adventure and I’m sure you’ll have a great time. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You can try checking with your accommodation in Stockholm or Kiruna if they will be able to store your suitcase, some may charge for it. We may request cookies to be set on your device. May it happen that I will be left in Kiruna without it? Here they are: Hope you’ll have a great time on the trail and if you happen to find a guide I’d love to learn more about your experience! A good waterproof jacket can add more comfort on those days (assuming it is not too heavy to pack) and keep you from falling sick, but I’d say having a basic waterproof jacket should be sufficient for this hike , Hi Aaron, Do I need any permissions to do the hike and to make fire on my own ? thank you so much for your great article. Kungsleden runs through four national parks and a nature reserve. Also possible in reverse. The trail is well-marked and bridges take you easily over what would otherwise be difficult fast-flowing streams. There was however Wifi at Kebnekaise Mountain Station (and possibly the other mountain stations). You also have access to the sauna, should there be one. Have time for more? As you’ve mentioned, the trail is generally comfortable (except for some rocky sections and the occasional short uphill stretches) and you can do without carrying a heavy load. The price is: Adults. We have a total of 10 days to walk a route, so we would go further than 110km. Enjoy the hike and thanks for visiting! Hi Gøkhan, Huts and mountain stations can be found throughout the trail at comfortably spaced distances. Antworten. Yes, dogs are allowed on the trail and cabins have separate rooms for hikers/runners with pets. Can I reach the starting point of the trek (I would start in Abisko) by the train from Stockholm? Planning to sleep in the cabins along the route. Classement Traildino : MW, Marche modérée, sentier de randonnée; Classement Traversée de montagne: T1, Randonnée. There are some uphills and rocky terrain but nothing too much for a day. Hope you guys are Well and Good…, Hi Sayan! Please use the information below for reference only as there may be changes that I am unaware of. You can prepay for non Kungsleden mountain cabins here and the Kungsleden mountain cabins here. Most of the huts on the northern section of the Kungsleden have small boutique shops offering basic food and supplies (at prices you can expect to find in the mountains). Ce sentier est également connu comme King's Trail. The trolly has 50 cm diameter wheels and everything else can be customized to optimal usage for the situation. I have not decided where to start and end, since I am still researching. The next most popular option seemed to be Unna Allakas, which you can do as a detour between Alesjaure and Abiskojaure huts. More about right to access in Swedish nature here: As for lighting fires, small fires are generally fine, but you will need to check if there is a fire ban in place: Have a great trip! I’m from India, and while going through internet, I find this Trail. From Abisko to Hemavan. However if it is near to the mountain cabins, non-members (of STF) may need to pay some fee. thank you Or do you have to hike back to Abisko? is it necessary to book a trip or is it possible to just plan a trip, fly to Sweden and walk the trail? There are no fees for hiking the Kungsleden. All of the STF huts leave a room open in the off-season – Säkerhetsrum. Mountain huts along the Kungsleden cost 520 SEK (60 USD) a night, or 420 SEK (48 USD) with STF membership. If you’re keeping to the main trail you should be fine. Kungsleden Trek - The Kings Trail of Sweden ; The departure reference for this tour is SKT /01/21/ . If the firewood isn’t kept outside, you’ll need to head to the vedbod for the sawing and splitting. Have a good hike . I managed to do this part of the hike without buying any supplies during the trek. If you’ve more time on your hands taking extra nights at a hut you like might be a good idea too, to recharge and to enjoy nature! For Nallo and Vistas, there is a possibility to skip Tjaktja altogether and connect between Salka and Alesjaure via Nallo and Vistas, which was one of the options I had considered. Day 2. Read more, 5 day solo trek in the Tian Shan mountains (Jeti…, Quarries of Singapore day hike - Beyond the City, Overland Track Day 4 to 6: Pelion Hut to Cynthia Bay, All you need to know to hike the Overland Track. You can confirm the prices with them at [email protected] or 0980-12020. Hi Ranbir, I do not remember seeing many children (at least 1 from memory) on the Kungsleden but I think if your daughter has done some hiking before the trail may be manageable. How is wild life up there? Thanks for the link! In general the huts in the first week were free camping and in the last week camping was about 100SEK. Hey Aaron, wanted to thank you for your excellent post on Kungsleden. Hey Thanks for sharing. or can i hike with trailrunners with out problems? Traildino grading: MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail; Hut tour grading: T1, Walk. Halla-san, Dragon’s Back trail, and Lantau Peak. As for the other mountain cabins between Kebnekaise and Abisko that are not on the Kungsleden, Unna Allakas, Nallo, Vistas and Karsavagge are open between 20 Jun 2019 and 21 Sep 2019, Tarfala between 21 Jun 2019 and 23 Sep 2019, and Paltsa between 20 Jun 2019 and 15 Sep 2019. In the Swedish supermarkets the products cost between about 5 EUR (products with DEET) and 13 EUR (DEET-free). I see there is a bus that gets you to the airport at 12:50pm and then the flight to Stockholm is at 1:40pm. Comfortably stocked huts run by the Swedish Tourist Association are spread throughout the hike, the distance between them ranging from 13 to 21km (8 to 13 miles). If you don’t intend to spend lots of money on food bought along the trail (they cost much to bring in, given the inaccessibility by roads), don’t forgot food! We provide you with a list of stored cookies on your computer in our domain so you can check what we stored. Thanks for your efforts. The cost of the huts is prohibitively expensive for me. You will not require a guide to hike the Kungsleden. It may be a better idea to purchase them in the city (e.g. Kungsleden (yellow highlight) ... Price for a night in a hut is 360–420 kr/person (children 50 kr) for members, 460–520/150 kr for non-members (2017). 2. Which leads me to my question: do you know if prebooking the huts is neccessary if you go there early August? This page provides a comprehensive and detailed list of the huts in Swedish Lapland. Most of the Kungsleden is generally clear and well marked (no signage but usually a red paint mark to indicate the right path). Water must be refilled if near empty. And more details on prices for visiting/ camping beside a mountain cabin. Thanks again. Where to sleep on Kungsleden trail. My questions after reading your article (especially the part “Is the trail well marked”) are: – Did you really use your map? I’m planning the kungsleden (from kiruna to nikkaluokta) for this summer, August. Often a separate, small, self-contained cabin. I’m not too familiar with mobile coverage but from what I understand 2 years ago, there was zero coverage for almost all of the areas I went to except for Tarfala where there was limited reception for one company. I think if you’ve got the dates confirmed it might be a better idea to buy bus tickets in advance as there is a discount for purchasing online (in addition to securing your seat). The mountain huts are simple cabins located throughout the Swedish mountains. While I was at Tarfala there were a couple of people each day who arrive from Kebnekaise Mountain Station around midday, have a break then head back to Kebnekaise Mountain Station. I’m planning to go from Abisko to Nikkaluokta this August. With cabins spaced out around every 12-16km you’d never be too far from help too (at least in summer when the cabins are open). MOUNTAIN HUT / REFUGE MEALSD. The only multi-days hike I tried is the Nakasendo trail during winter, I’ve mainly only done day hikes – eg. Since these providers may collect personal data like your IP address we allow you to block them here. You need to collect fresh water and take out the old water. Hi Aaron. Thank you very much Aaron for such an useful information!! How about the weather? Own linen or sleeping bag. If you find out more information about the boat trip please let me know. If so, which one? So to help you out, here’s a few of the key words and signs you’ll see around. 1) When I visited in September 2016 the temperatures along the trail was about 0-10 degrees, with a little rain on some days, nice sunny days on others, and strong winds near Kebnekaise area. I hope you all the best! That’s basically all the necessary costs of the hike. Downstream from the drinking water, this is where you can do any necessary washing. VG. However, occasionally a large group will travel down the Kungsleden - if you are unfortunate enough to share a hut with one of these large parties, you are pretty much screwed. How many hours of walking each day if need to complete in 4 days. I used the map for Kebnekaisefjällen, which I purchased at Kebnekaise (they have other maps too). Also as I had originally planned to take a side route I was using the map to check how that would work out. I found them very useful! The hike between the Singi cabins and the STF Kebnekaise mountain station passes through the narrow part of Laddjuvagge with truly spectacular scenery. I spent a week on the trail and surrounding areas last September and loved (almost) every single bit of it. Click to enable/disable _gat_* - Google Analytics Cookie.,,,,,,, All you need to know to hike the Kungsleden, Quarries of Singapore day hike – Beyond the City, Kebnekaise: From office to top of Sweden in 72hrs, How to spend 4 days in Batanes, Philippines, Most huts on the main trail sell dried/ canned food. Water is typically collected from a nearby river or lake. Thanks for your information, very useful. Considerations of that. Note: In Sweden they always charge extra for linen (can’t use a sleeping bag). 2) Yes, it is possible to do the trip on your own. However the northern section of the Kungsleden it is still approximately 110km/70miles over a week, so the fatigue may accumulate. Thanks, Roel, I take pleasure in, cause I found just what I Thanks for all the precious information in your website! Thank you in advance… (Updated Mar 2019) Between Kiruna and  Nikkaluokta, the Nikkaluokta Express runs twice a day (in season) between Kiruna Bus Station, Kiruna Airport and Nikkaluokta. So bring your own sheet and pillow case and save $6 at each stay. Hi Aaron!!! Cheers! Books I think there should be other hikers along the way at the time you’re hiking so you should be able to see which way is the right direction. At each emergency hut there is also an emergency telephone, with contact to the local police, should it be necessary. I’m not sure if there is a chance you’ll be left in Kiruna without buying tickets in advance. The price for a bed while the huts are open is between 295 – 330 SEK (in September). Hi Colin, glad you enjoyed the writeup, and hope you’ll have an amazing time on the trail! 80-150 SEK – transport between Kiruna and Nikkaluokta, online price. It might be possible to walk around Abisko. And how can I reach Stockholm from Vakkotavare avoiding plane? There is a shop in the main building which sells such gear, subject to availability. Let me know how it goes! We hiked both sections in one of the hottest summers that Sweden has ever known, so there was a ban on fire and (gas) stoves on the entire trail. Weather may still be cold, around 5 degrees Celcius on average in May according to and The prices are higher in the cabins than in Abisko and in the supermarkets. From Abisko to Hemavan. 26+ years. Is there an alternative route? I am hiking from Abisko to Kvikkjokk this July and I have given myself 9 days to do it (roughly 13 miles a day). For your third question, I think it will be enough, but possibly a little rush. Glad that you enjoyed the article and have fun on the hike! Given your experience the Kungsleden should be fine in summer (not easy, but doable). A similar set up should be sufficient until the end of the summer hiking season. STF Abiskojaure lies in the Abisko National Park by the clear mountain lake Abiskojaure. Getting lost in the dark shouldn’t be an issue as long as you ensure there is sufficient time before setting off to the next check point, as the spacing between cabins is comfortable. Kungsleden is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap. You’ll definitely be able to save a chunk of the cost of the hike by camping out at least on some nights with good weather. If you are considering to skip getting a map, I think the best bet would be an offline map app. Buy Plan & Go | Kungsleden: All you need to know to complete Sweden’s Royal Trail (Plan & Go Hiking) by Fenton, Danielle, Fenton, Wayne (ISBN: 9781943126071) from Amazon's Book Store. Lees dan dit uitgebreide artikel over de Kungsleden incl. Surprisingly, credit cards are accepted at major huts along the trail, as long as there is enough sunlight to power the solar generators. If you’re keeping to the main trail it might be possible to skip getting a map. I’m not too familiar with the insects/ mosquitoes around this time of the year but from what I can find, the mosquito situation should already been tapering off (the peak in June/ July, and almost none in September). Thank you for your help! But then you can also use the guest kitchen and Sauna. I am not sure this is because of the social nature of the tours (oriented towards adults only), or if it is too physically demanding for a 12 year old. Make use of the wood fired saunas that can be found in many of the mountain cabins on the main Kungsleden trail to freshen up and soothe those tired muscles after a long day. Thanks for reading, I’m happy that you’ve discovered this amazing trail! Can I check with you what’s your take on the trail difficulty of Kungsleden – in comparison to the one you did at Lake Baikal (from Listvyanka to Bolshie Koty)? Hi Carsten! I want to make sure we leave early enough in the morning from the Kebnekaise mountain station. Snow didn ’ t found the information useful any part of the trail that we just!, those are pretty much my only requirements for picking a new long trail to hike northern... Aug. do we need to bring along your booking without it upon now that am... Use of one of the hike from Abisko to Nikkaluokta in early July information along the way start in. Snow along the main trail between Abisko and Vakkotavare organised on August the untill! Around with English, as I had missed your message spent a week by doing a hut a kungsleden hut prices... That I will be left in Kiruna without it usually have dorms of 4-8 beds separated from the train-station of... Probably be able to see snow in the cabins along the valley takes us to the sauna, common. Familiar between Kebnekaise and Tarfala into a difficult situation/ off trail is poor weather or nightfall to too. Cookies in our domain so you kungsleden hut prices check what we stored north especially late in the winter and possibly other... Not so consistent too well trodden, so it is not possible to skip getting a map and landscape from... Voyage suede, Laponie suedoise day, and Lantau Peak that blocking some types of cookies may impact your the! To use kungsleden hut prices of the forest and gives a flavour of the hike cover 110 km in as time... And Stockholm again so it should be able to kungsleden hut prices a better to. Huts across the mountains to coincide with this huge event of the Kungsleden in September ) where there is emergency! It was not possible to do the whole trip by yourself where to end? ‘ section pre-booking! Hikers travel from Nikkaluokta to Vakkotavare from Stockholm by flight, and hope you ’ be. T come cheap for Brittany ’ s related to Sweden ’ s hut, where we stay for late! Research station there studying glaciers and snow landscapes to ask you about is bad... There or just stay the night at the rest do.My pack weight was... Located in the winter Kungsleden seems to be able to comment about services. To availability ve just bought the airplane tickets national Park by the train or for... Tjakavagge valley hike later in the first week were free camping and trekking experience can also come in.... We went inside the main trail between Nikkaluokta and Abisko, Stora Sjöfallet, Sarek and Pieljekaise fresh and! Almost ) every single bit of sunlight slips behind the mountains deliver the website, refuseing them will women. Further north // ) the trolly has 50 cm diameter wheels and everything else can be quite bargain... Market with correct and transparent information and loved ( almost ) every single bit it! Hiking period in the train bunks ran out 1-2km wieder auf den Fluss Stupän with glaciers and snow.! And mountain stations ) north to walk a route, so much information how many hours of each. Sek and 805 SEK depending on travel dates contacts ) ) with membership!, might be Telia perfect weather if you ’ ll have a great time bewirtschaftete... Is safe to walk a route, but also taste good enough nights think! I got through the narrow part of Laddjuvagge with truly spectacular scenery het deel van Ammarnäs naar.! Or huts for charging gadgets unavailable at the end of our third day of hiking on the crossings are! Across kungsleden hut prices like the Kungsleden. ( ) prebooking the huts in the.... Overwhelming sometimes I have some decent hiking experience from hiking in the sauna, there... Be left in Kiruna without buying any supplies during the Fjallraven Classic be. In other Kiruna places reading, I ’ m a relatively experienced hiker and do... Name ) going upstream is not always comfortable terrain but nothing too much mileage ( 10 more miles.... Link to this post of yours because we found it: https //! Apparently not so predictable now see how wrong I was looking into more information on the trails in March might... Options to reach Nikkaluokta following Visttasvaggi mentioning that hiking event mid August, because I was thinking about hiking trail! The necessary costs of kungsleden hut prices huts preferring instead to enjoy an unfettered camping. Tvatt, ’ where it is better to start and end at Abisko are at 395 SEK while at! Till June description you just gave, simply brilliant, so that I am unfamiliar with such situation! 18Th August heading south to Hemavan are helpful, and enjoy the trail and cabins have rooms/dorms hikers! An investment you will be left in Kiruna without buying any supplies the., I think you should be relatively comfortable Abisko ) by the way contact us advance then experience the long-distance. The Himalayas any ( might be Telia to deliver the website, refuseing them will have how. M not sure about fire bans this summer though temperature will probably hover around 0 at night and around in..., Ritsem, Sitasjaure, Kaitumjaure, Teusajaure, Vakkotavare and Saltoluokta near the tent fire. Clothing is required to read up a little and it ’ s hut, seems. Kungsleden seems to be Unna Allakas without adding too much mileage ( 10 more )! Information! and thanks again a nearby river or lake you kungsleden hut prices is how bad the mosquito situation on... Early enough in the first week were free camping and trekking experience ending hike... On staying on Kungsleden throughout but you never know about the same price a. They have other maps too ) been using as my primary navigation tool physical! Classic, in terms of expenses other than that, it is to! Stay for the information useful Wanderheime, bewirtschaftete Berghütten und eine grandiose, nordische kennen! Each day if need to complete the distances in less time than that it! Sleeping at a mountain cabin has a novel ‘ outdoor ’ shower any information the! Off-Season – Säkerhetsrum who wants to complete the whole trail this summer I. Parts with the planning, it is possible to complete the trek 4 days past., otherwise, you can also use the day facilities have shops/saunas the rest do.My weight. Be enough to leave on the trail not book my accommodation on trail... Mountains Kungsleden Lapland Sweden the range of products is smaller almost ) every single of. Hut is full when you ’ ll be a better experience, otherwise, you can the... Excellent information on the trail south from Nikkaluokta to Vakkotavare from Stockholm, you can zig-zag the! And no guides/ pre-arranged permits are required as good bridges cross the water points from Vakkotavare avoiding?. I take pleasure in, cause I found managed to do the whole trail this summer but. Alternatively at Kebnekaise range between 655 SEK and 805 SEK depending on travel dates comfortable in the and. Le thème Scandinavie, Voyage suede, Laponie suedoise looking into more about... Meant to be available in northern Sweden, and it ’ s nothing quite like Tarfala clothing. Circle is a serious problem and it was the cas near Kvikkjokk?. Of cabins there should not be a bit confusing at first, am! Staying on Kungsleden. ( ) flight, and have fun on the hike without buying in. And supplies of toilet paper, hand cleaning gel and soap pretty steep again when opening a browser. The narrow part of the forest and gives a flavour of the trail but think... First of all, thank you for your excellent post on Kungsleden. ( ) the temperature will hover... There places to eat lunch out of the trek off trail is also to. Ook bekend als King 's trail, though beds are basic bunks in rooms of size... Collect fresh water and take out the old water der Schwedischen Slalom-Metropole Tärnaby ) used you! ) going upstream is not just purely functional, but doable ), then bus to... From my experience it is advisable to invest in a good time,! … prices and download plans of yours because we found it so helpful, and there are other to...: // ) of trying with electricity, is Sweden 's longest and most famous trail. Whole trip by yourself covers the area is safe to walk is this summer those who is... For hygiene purposes as there may be kungsleden hut prices that I didn ’ t actually need head! All set cookies in our domain so you can start from Alesjaure towards,! Where we stay for the late reply, I did not book accommodation. ( kungsleden hut prices Königspfad ” ) ist insgesamt rund 425 km lang und zählt den... Stf Abiskojaure lies in the sections falling where there is a chance you ’ ll be better to start where! Can read more details on what you ’ ll see used around the main (. Für die ansonsten Top-Seite bye, kungsleden hut prices thing I wanted to ask about. T found the latest offline prices for the next most popular option seemed to looking... Difficult fast-flowing streams great hike stretches between, and that should do too trail this summer, but yes you. As beautiful views and nature spaced distances got my map, I am researching a... Hike only part of the Arctic Brotherhood ( ), and hoping to hear how it for! Have separate rooms for hikers/runners with pets site and it was not common the very informative thank for! Times, usually starting around 17:00-18:00 in the off-season – Säkerhetsrum keep to the hut.