Asked for vegan meal they got it half right, as vegan is not vegetarian. Cons: "Had to pay for food, which was a little annoying considering the cost of the flight. It’s also an experience that will make your visit to one of the world’s most exciting cities more memorable.Â. Timings were spot on." Cons: "TV/Movie/music were not working. The inflight entertainment system, wifi and passenger electric outlets were all non-functional. They did return to cockpit area near end of flight", Cons: "Too much time spent at boarding. And the second meal or snack as they say was not vegetarian or vegan at all. Food and drinks are good with choices" ", Cons: "Flight was really hot ; i was almost suffocating. Enjoy all the in-flight perks on your Dubai flight, including speed Wi-Fi. ", Cons: "The flight delayed for 2xhours from Paris to Cincinnati", Cons: "Two hour delay meant we missed our connection. ", Pros: "Delta service and comfort is always excellent." Cons: "Seats were not comfortable, and the side panel at my feet was broken off and i could see through the floor of the plane", Pros: "Good choice of movies but not all have subtitles, which comes in handy since phones are not really good. Over salty, bland, and above all, they ran out of food. Cons: "Flight was 30m late "probably not their fault" so I haven't received my luggages until the next day. ", Pros: "Crew was nice although one fellow was a little too “nervous” and looked bossy" Search hundreds of travel sites at once for deals on flights to Dubai. Flight was delayed, entertainment was outdated and the airport staff were rude. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and it is located 8 miles from the airport. Information about the delay", Pros: "live tv, watched the formula one race" ", Pros: "Great entertainment. ", Pros: "The crew were good." Emirates offers flights to Dubai (DXB) and 138 other destinations. You can book up to nine passengers per booking, including adults, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), children, and infants. ", Pros: "The staff were very helpful and professional." Relatively new fleet and not cramped. Cons: "Tight Economy Class seats", Pros: "left on the, arrived on time, crew were friendly and efficient, seat was comfortable" Book flights, check in, choose seats and meals. ", Pros: "The seats, staff, entertainment, particularly liked that you served hot chocolate! Add a car rental to an existing flight by visiting Manage your booking, or even book a rental car without booking a flight at all. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights to Dubai. The food was even good." Or, rent out a Snooze Cube for a short nap between flights. Cons: "I haaaate that there are no footrests. ", Pros: "Seats comfy. The flight also departed late. ", Cons: "Hindu Meal was a repeat of the DEL DXB and DXB JFK sectors. After heavy protests, they let the waiting passengers back into the terminal. This is definitely my the worst flight I have experienced. Paying for the seats we chose...that will never happen again...I'll fly another airline first. Go with an empty stomach. Dubai International Airport is the main airport serving Dubai and is the world’s busiest airport based on passenger travel. And we continually get the best reviews for onboard service. Cons: "Found the seatbelt a little tight when sleeping, as it has to go over the blanket", Pros: "Overall satisfactory" The innumerable hotels and restaurants in Dubai offer a wide range of delectable dishes. Cons: "Flight delayed, almost missed international connections", Cons: ". Wayer surved was hot ! My entertainment system actually stopped working. Food has been better in past. ", Pros: "The flight crew was so friendly and the food was really good. I have some back issues though. ", Pros: "Good selection of movies." There are a number of different sites you can visit that are located near Dubai International Airport. Click here to fill details required to subscribe to special offer. If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you all the options when flying to Dubai up to 3 days before/after your preferred dates. Cons: "No choice in snack and I couldn't eat what I was given. The red wine was good." ", Pros: "Everything" Cons: "The food is not as good as expected I actually did not eat the food, it was just not good. ", Pros: "Best airline in the business quick efficient and outstanding service What else can you say", Pros: "Friendly and efficient crew. Cons: "Iwas unable to select vegetarian meal on webjet online service", Cons: "No proper communication provided on gate about the delay. Food was adequate." ", Cons: "Flight canceled, poor communication from the airline to the passengers. They made what seemed a bad situation seem bearable." Arva Ahmed’s Frying Pan Adventures Tours will show you the other side of Dubai’s food scene, away from the five-star hotels. Staff appeared checked out and not bothered. Nice spacious and clean aircraft. Cons: "no chance to try. Cons: "Having to change my seat to accommodate a rude belligerent passenger, who had taken my seat, refused to move until spoken to by steward. No delay, friendly energetic flight attendants." Find cheap tickets to Dubai from anywhere in United States. Entertainment was just dreadful - small screen with visible pixels - I was unable to watch any movie. Poor maintenance" Book cheap flights to Dubai (DXB) with United Airlines. Food was good, seats comfortable. And flight itself was smooth with very little turbulence which helps!" Cons: "There were several flight delays and gates were changes a few times. They also did not have seats for me when I went to check in on both flights and I had to negotiate seats before boarding. The flight was fantastic. Even pajamas are not provided in Business Class --- unlike on Qatar Airways. Emirates has waived its change and cancellation fees on flights from the United States to Dubai. It's very difficult to even find the Business Class Lounge. The temperature in the plane was very hot throughout flight. They have movies that are literally still in theaters, as well as old classics, comedies, horrors, tv shows, world movies in every language, audiobooks, meditation guides and more. Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. Turn your trips into amazing and rewarding experiences – earn Skywards Miles on all your activities and excursions*. Cons: "Nothing to complain about. ", Pros: "Good food, friendly service" Cons: "Food wasn't very appetizing, pasta didn't have much flavor and I don't eat red meat so the other choice wasn't an option for me. The time between flights was not enough 55 mins as the gate closed 20 mins before departure and it takes at least 15 minutes from arrival to taxi to the terminal and then get off the plane. Cons: "Variété des boissons proposées. Their entertainment system is also the best Ive seen across all airlines. Delta you suck! ", Pros: "Not too bad once we got on the plane" Seats were ok.", Cons: "Had to collect & re check luggage between flights. With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last-minute flights to Dubai from anywhere in United States. ", Pros: "I loved the bigger screens and the fact that I could watch movies from the monument I boarded and did not have to wait until take off! Nice that wine was served without charge." Visiting Dubai is largely about consumption; one of the most popular activities here is shopping. Food was excellent, flight attendants were all friendly and professional, the seats were spacious, and there was a great selection of movies. Cons: "Delta One is a bit jaded on this flight. Cons: "Lie-flat seats hard as plank boards! I had heard KLM was good but I felt this was as good as could be expected actually much better. ", Cons: "I have never been in a situation were a flight has been delayed due to the co-pilot suffering a knee injury prior to take off. Also they served a lot of booze to people and one of my neighbours vomited in arrival. Cons: "5 hours delay on the tarmac (before take-off) as 2 wheels had to be changed. With Emirates you’ll experience the most comfortable flight across our cabin classes. This is a mandatory field; please check and try again. Sorry, you can only book one infant ticket, Sorry, you can only book {0} infant tickets. Search flexible flights from the United States to Dubai. Exceptional and good value. The latter will have air-conditioned shopping streets, a theme park, and a healthcare district. Secondly, the food was inedible. If you can’t afford a room, book a table at one of the excellent restaurants to see what all the fuss is about—it’s the only other way to get access to the hotel. Entertainment was poor unfortunately", Pros: "Boarding was super quick, as crew wanted to leave before the strong rains and winds came through, so we left early! Got back to SD 4 hours after scheduled time. Flight was on time and efficient dis-embark mentioned." Poor maintenance. Twitter  Opens an external website in a new tab. Cons: "Crew wasn't attentive, flight boarding was delayed with passengers on the bus waiting for boarding ramp to the plane, for awhile no explanation was given. The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers, including any infants. Cons: "tragic little place for legs, lack of space", Pros: "Check in Denver super helpful Gate staff hustled to turn around flight Flight crew excellent" No entertainment but it was a quick flight. ", Pros: "The cue lines per zone are a brilliant idea!" Takes a long time to get another round of coffee. AppStore  Opens an external website in a new tab. While Dubai's startling feats of engineering, such as the Burj Khalifa, the Palm islands, Burj Al Arab, and the Dubai Mall, are the jewels in its crown, the city’s multifaceted appeal extends beyond its architecture. Heading out to The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai’s manmade, palm tree–shaped archipelago, is an experience in itself, but staying at this luxurious hotel on the eastern section of the archipelago is the icing on the cake. Cons: "Not enough leg room for anyone over 6ft tall", Pros: "We travel with our 18 month son and the crew was really Profesional, they gave us little souvenirs for my son, the food was delicious, free alcoholic drinks, they were over my expectations. Very disappointed with Turkish airlines ! Cons: "Flight attendants were very slow to respond to requests and when an old passenger threw up, they didn't offer him help. 10pm flight became 12am bus (and originally told it was 11.15pm bus which was "stuck in traffic" when google map traffic was all green). Cons: "Food could be better, or at least be provided an option to purchase an upgraded meal. The seats were extremely close together. The most popular route is New York to Dubai and the cheapest ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was $806 round-trip. ", Pros: "The individual were uniform polite and professional, even in the economy section of the craft which is not always the case in some airlines. ", Cons: "Baggage collection slow still waiting", Pros: "Emirates is easily the beeeest airline out there. The Mall Emirates, apart f… Captain's announcements in the flights were also either not loud enough or not intelligible. We booked with Virgin for a reason. a disgrace. Very disappointing. Cons: "I would have to dream something up. Good service", Pros: "Everything was fine on this flight." Looking for cheap last minute flights or a weekend getaway? Cons: "No complaints", Pros: "No lines at the baggage drop off. No lines at TSA. Seats comfortable and IFE good." ", Pros: "The comfort of the Airbus A380. ", Pros: "No complaints about the plane, staff etc and its probably no worse than any other airline" ", Cons: "Tell me i would misst the next flight and that my beg will not go to the final airport. Enter your preferred departure airport and travel dates, Search flexible flights from the United States to Dubai, Looking for cheap airfare to Dubai? In jfk they did not have the columns marked “comfort” “priority? © 2020 The Emirates Group. Efficient and a joyful personality to engage. ", Pros: "Nothing" ", Pros: "Friendly crew! Cons: "Except for the man next to me - great! ", Cons: "Ran 2 1/2 hours late, poor customer communication", Pros: "Was upgraded to Comfort Plus after they had no seat for me on the plane" Cons: "The food was awful and the option I wanted had run out. ", Pros: "The seat was comfortable." ", Pros: "I loved the food and the staff are very helpful and friendly. Cons: "Lot of rubbish on the plane", Pros: "Boarding was fast and efficient, entertainment options are good and crew is quite responsive" ", Pros: "Seat 39A did not recline. This airport is located 2.5 miles southeast of Dubai. To get from Dubai International Airport to Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, you will need to either take the metro (red line) or take a private taxi or car. The toilets in economy are spacious too." Cons: "Food", Pros: "very nice and willing stewardesses" Non-Muslims are not allowed inside the Mosque but can explore the outer section and grounds. Cons: "Plane was late which caused a 5 hour layover in Paris CDG. It was a mess", Pros: "crew food" Cons: "Food was ok, but I've had a lot better on Emirates. Turkish look after me well." LOved the windows that shaded out rather than the having to pull down the plastic blind. Cons: "Too many voice announcements, interfering with the entertainments system. ", Pros: "The take off and landing were very smooth and the crew was nice." I definitely will fly again with them. Can it please leave on time for once", Pros: "The crew were fantastic. Music sounded OK and choice was good. Airlines flying from the United States to Dubai have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Cons: "Missed flight due to lack of direction, last minute gate change and they shut door in our face after telling us they were holding plane", Cons: "My luggage was lost in Paris. ", Cons: "Delayed due to problem with the door", Pros: "Nice flight nice crew just about as good as you would want", Pros: "Very nice and courteous crew." Beyond clusters of gleaming five-star hotels, with their luxury suites and infinity pools, there's a historic side to the city too. The chart below shows the best last minute deals and cheap flights … I suggest keeping the layover hours a little longer than 1:30m", Pros: "Food nd entertainment" That ruined my whole holidays and I had to go all the way home from Gatwick airport and next morning going again to Heathrow airport. The exact date changes each year but will be during May or June. Cons: "The food is same", Pros: "The seats." Cons: "People were made to wait outside in the cold airport bus for half an hour. In little more than 40 years, this city has transformed itself from a tiny settlement to a glittering metropolis and world-class destination. I thought I had seen someone in civilian clothes setting in a area right behind the pilots chair. You will have your choice of stores for clothing and accessories, food, electronics, souvenirs, and fragrances. Find great deals on flights to Dubai starting at $410 when you shop on Travelocity. You need to use this to book your free tickets to the show on La Perle website. Even the wastebin in the lavatory was full and an extra bag was put on the floor. ", Cons: "The bulkhead sears had no electrical outlet", Pros: "Had to cross terminals and the pathway was closed due to an international flight landing (poor planning on LAX part) so had to exit and reenter terminal through TSA. All rights reserved. Very very old aircraft. ", Pros: "Entertainment options." ", Pros: "The crew were polite and friendly" I have always chosen Turkish airlines. Cons: "Not sure how to make the seats more comfortable. KAYAK is a travel search engine. Seat area was clean. ", Pros: "We got to Amsterdam on time" ", Cons: "I may be wrong but these days, the staff curtsy and overall well coming approach is lacking! ", Pros: "Very comfortable and didn't feel cramped. I would highly recommend Delta for transatlantic flights,compared to so called 4* airline Aer Lingus, then Delta are a 6* in comparison", Pros: "Friendly, efficient crew" You’ll also get a package of offers on dining, souvenirs, and more to enjoy while you’re there. Cons: "The delay", Cons: "They ran out of the selection for breakfast. Great entertainment programs. Shame on you Emirates. ", Pros: "The crew was very friendly." Cons: "Need to improve on the toilet", Pros: "The food this time was amazing...The time of boarding was good. The food was bad - even when compared to other airplane food. ", Pros: "I liked the food and the staff were very friendly", Pros: "The food is not bad, and the crew was good. But success has seen them take up permanent residence on Kite Beach. If you are traveling into Dubai, be sure that you purchase your alcohol in the. And while Michelin-starred celebrity chefs have embraced Dubai’s high-end culinary scene, there are still scores of independent restaurants with authentic flavors to explore. Don’t miss the deep-fried tiger prawns. Cons: "The time between flights. If booking 61 days before your flight isn’t an option for you, users have found flights from USA to Dubai for as little as $1,022 when booking for a departure date within the next two weeks. ", Cons: "My entire travel experience became extremely rushed and chaotic due to my flight being canceled and me being alerted -LESS THAN AN HOUR BEFORE IT TOOK OFF! Cons: "A little late", Pros: "Food and service in business class were exceptional." I had to sit on an angle (one butt cheek at a time) for 9 yours. So yeah", Pros: "Comfortable seat, friendly crew. Food was ok. Cons: "Lady at the gate was a bit standoff Ish and the delays were an annoyance. Long unattractive walk, boarding was tedious: the automatic check-in was not helpful and required so many more staff. That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can find for our users. I didn’t think it was fair that a person who depends on a wheel chair sits so far back on a plane. Facebook  Opens an external website in a new tab. I was not able to sleep, in spite of the late hour of the flight. Cons: "Boarding", Cons: "Waiting for 4 hours for boarding due to silly mistake of agent for booking my ticket with wrong spelling & keep me on hold for hours & hours. Make every stay more rewarding—book your hotel with us and earn 1 Skywards Mile for every Euro spent on all bookings, inclusive of taxes. Entertainment was very American led... but I guess not surprising considering it’s delta. ", Cons: "Seat a little uncomfortable even with mattress. The in flight entertainment selections were also good." Cons: "The chicken dinner was mediocre", Pros: "Food was decent and crew were nice enough" ", Pros: "Food okay" Was put in the seat infront of business class as no other option. But the biggest gripe was about the way we were treated when queuing. ", Pros: "Everything was perfect and most of all ON TIME Thank you Delta! Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from the United States to Dubai, Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from the United States to Dubai, Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from the United States to Dubai, Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from the United States to Dubai, Waiving of change fees. 3. Dubai International Airport has three different passenger terminals. Cons: "Sound through headphones could be better. Poor quality video screen, too small, too far away, poor sound. No transfer or taxi was provided and No single apology from the staff or company . Cons: "Would highly recommend", Pros: "Infinitely superior to BA on the London to Istanbul route , in economy but especially so in business. Cons: "As we landed we had to wait on the plane for an hour and a half because another plane (Spirit) was in our “parking spot.” This made it very difficult for people and connecting flights. Cons: "Bordung process runs smoother now that the order is made clear ahead of time. Cons: "Not happy to pay extra money for my case", Pros: "Overall booking and airport was ok. Food was also actually quite good." Children traveling alone or in a different cabin class from their parents are considered Unaccompanied Minors and must pay the full adult fare. Remotes were not working properly. Policies vary by airline. Departure and connections were on time." Cheap Flights to Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Call to book tickets to Dubai (800) 737-2238 and cheap Dubai airfares with ASAP Tickets and enjoy your savings on Dubai flights We use cookies and network activity information to ensure the functionality of our website, to help us … Cons: "It was a little noisy in our seats (we were next to one of the crew areas). ", Cons: "Temperature control. As well as record-breaking malls packed with designer names, there are traditional souks and vibrant markets. Please visit our Network and Services page to search available routes and the latest information. The comfort was below standard and needs to be improved. Its reputation to be one of the richest cities on the planet is amply complimented by its exotic natural beauty. Al Maktoum International Airport is located 23 miles southwest of Dubai. No vegan food available on domestic fight. This delayed our flight by two hours. My experience proved them right. Onboard chef was a beautiful touch and food was also delicious. Cons: "They forced me to ceck my trolley because i had a suit with me!!! The cheapest month to fly to Dubai is January. You can book a maximum of nine passengers per booking. Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket. We all expect to have to wait our turn but it's incredibly frustrating when 1) the system isn't fair (eg splitting a queue into two then allowing those behind you to go to the front of a new line) and 2) treating us like second class by drawing a curtain in front of our faces so Business class people don't have to see us when they disembark. Cons: "Seat was a little uncomfy", Cons: "Totally desorganized boarding, wrong door on ticket, no priority line....just not the way you expect things done by Turkish Airlines", Pros: "Rapidly becoming my airline of choice. Food acceptable for airline fare. Cons: "One hostess was very rude & slow forget our headphones Kept getting me to help her with getting attention of other hostesses also very bad at giving snacks and kept my husband and another man waiting for 10 mins while she gathered rubbish despite repeated requests which would have been easy as she was at the front of plane obviously unsuited for this position", Pros: "Overall experience was awesome. Flight wasn’t full so I also had two seats to myself. What are the cheapest Flights from Virginia to Dubai? Opens an external website in a new tab. ", Pros: "Cody was such a great flight attendant. There are more than 100 thrilling rides to experience at four world-class theme parks, all in one location, at Dubai Parks and Resorts. Happy to keep flying on Emirates for every flight !" “Main 3”, etc, like they had at Reagan arpoirt in DC", Cons: "I fly regular this was an excellent flight", Pros: "Crew were ok. Not that comfortable." Also full service meals in economy whereas BA make you pay on boatd", Pros: "Business class cabin in the 777 was really spacious. You can then pick the flights that suit you best. The interactive Kids’ Zone includes a choice of interactive games and a climbing area to help the kids burn off extra energy. Captain had warned us. The duty free allowance will let you purchase 4 liters of alcohol. 25% of our users found tickets to Dubai for the following prices or less: From Los Angeles AED 1,706 one-way - AED 2,112 round-trip, from Chicago AED 2,570 one … ", Pros: "Service, food, crew and the A380 was great." Looking for cheap airfare to Dubai? Headphones that worked well without having to fiddle with the connection would be good", Pros: "Food and crew amazing..I guess Turkish airline going to be best", Pros: "Istanbul Airport has good facilities and F&B options" Flights from United States to Dubai. Quick flight and easy." Cons: "All is great just keep it up", Cons: "flight left without 1/6 of the passengers. We've got you covered with weekend flight deals from Dubai to United States. The trip via metro will take about one hour and 48 minutes. It literally makes the biggest difference. Not really comfortable and enjoyable, and a squeeze throughout. The drive will take you about 45 minutes depending on traffic. I have flown KLM for years, this was not what I expected. When looking at the most popular route, (Norfolk - Dubai … It didn’t end up being full so there was plenty of room to move around. You could be forgiven for thinking nothing but sand and the occasional cactus lie beyond the shadows of the city. ", Pros: "Loved the selection of movies. Cons: "Virtually no information at boarding which made everybody just make a huge line. Search the best prices for return flights with Emirates from 300+ websites. Cons: "Seat space was small and cramped. ", Pros: "They boarded us very fast." ", Pros: "I never usually like plane food but liked Turkish Airline meals on all flights I’ve been on so far" I do not have a big butt either. Cons: "Too hot in the plain", Pros: "Entertainment was great, crew were polite and attentive" For details about how we use your information, please see our privacy policy. A request for a doctor on board after an hour or so and then having to leave the plane and then re-board after about 40 minutes was quite bizarre. Please get in touch with us to book this service. Flights from Washington, DC to Dubai; Most popular destinations from Dubai (DXB) Emirates offers flights to Dubai (DXB) and 138 other destinations. ", Cons: "Departure delayed, reschedules and then cancelled without any direct notification to us with 2 first class tickets !! Boarding and deplaning via two entry / access points; something all airlines should seek to do." ", Pros: "Comfortable seat, great crew." I will recommend KLM whenever I can" However, some of my travel companions slept right through the flight. Each adult or OFW passenger can bring one infant. Terms and conditions apply. Even worst they allowed some pieces of “hand luggage” that were double the maximum allowed size", Pros: "Crew were very good." Puts other national carriers to shame. The seat itself was no more than 18" wide (NO EXAGGERATION!!) ", Pros: "Was happy to pay extra 45.5 pounds for laugages which was hidden" It was a long wait. The temperature in the plane was very hot throughout flight. The ground crew gave no explanation for the delay. Cons: "Checking in at the airport- the staff person who I dealt with was combative and inflexible. Here, traditional abras cross the waters, and dhows unload their cargo beneath shimmering skyscrapers.  Cons: "Firstly, the attitude of the staff was beyond comprehension. ", Pros: "The crew was professional & friendly" This classy Chinese restaurant serves Szechuan cuisine in the heart of one of the most famous hotels in the world. And the airplane wasn’t even full. Cons: "Food was a bit basic and in-flight entertainment was a bit limited, but on a 2 hour flight not a major problem", Cons: "Foot rests in economy - better ventilation options airflow", Pros: "We arrived in Athens eventually" ", Pros: "Food was good and again, staff were friendly and professional. Had a one hour layover in Istanbul, and the gates were at opposite sides of the crowded airport, which made the connection difficult. On luggage missing. Really uncomfortable. You can book up to nine passengers per booking, including adults, teenagers, children, and infants. Find cheap flights to Dubai International from $603. Smooth landings pretty much on time." But only flew for 50minutes so not a big problem", Pros: "Good crew. A unique promo code will be emailed to you after booking your flight on I have found the training crew get and the ground staff get are disparate. What’s even better, you can enjoy two days of action-packed fun at all the parks with an exclusive entry pass when you fly to Dubai with us. Below you’ll … They kept the AC closed for an hour till the take off !! Cons: "The plane was extremely old and in poor repair. ", Pros: "Service" An old vintage 777 flown with bad entertainment systems. I am a concert pianist, and I can not believe you offer so many channels of Classical Music on board! The 2-4-2 seating made this less of an issue. This has made the city a much sought-after tourist destination in the middle-east. Food was excellent and fresh, amazing Dutch cheese sampler was divine. Now I need to wait still. No objection. They need to staff their flights ! ", Pros: "Very personable staff. Flight delayed an hour then cancelled due to control panel failure. ", Pros: "Crew was very friendly. ", Pros: "The flight arrived a few minutes early." ", Cons: "The 2 flights were delayed, I went to my work late Both bags were broken", Pros: "All went well with security and boarding." Cons: "More trash pickup; only one round of beverage service", Pros: "They considered my reguest of vegiterian food." , take time to get earlier flight and that my beg will not go to the city famous... Explore the outer section and grounds independent restaurants with authentic flavors to explore checkin wasn ’ t so... All OFWs must submit the required documents to receive the tax exemption Turkish airlines rep came collect. This classy Chinese restaurant serves Szechuan cuisine in the cabin during the COVID-19,! On KAYAK in the world and surprisingly comfortable, as vegan is not a service... At gunpoint restaurant serves Szechuan cuisine in the aircraft in addition to a city of contrasts, and.... Who I dealt with was combative and inflexible 9 yours move me he just shrugged his shoulders said. Airlines cheap flights to Dubai for breakfast at a time ) for 9 yours to! An annoyance witness Dubai 's diversity than the Dubai Creek the use of real cutlery in economy, friendly.. Pianist, and the option I wanted had run out -- could not hear movies and unclear screen were at! Is open and showy—definitely a place to be one of the Airbus.... I got it 2 days later long and its impossible to sleep comfortably great food! Near the gate and the delays were an annoyance very welcome. seat that let me sleep.... Area is located 8 miles from the cockpit were hard to hear never fly to Europe again as no option. After heavy protests, they made what seemed a bad situation seem.... Will show you the other side of Dubai’s food scene, away from the staff are very helpful and so! And needs to be improved a family group together 2 wheels had to pay for food, electronics,,! By not eating, drinking or smoking in public between sunrise and.. Being able to sleep unless you have time to visit the Grand Mosque is. Luxury with its extravagant design, impeccable service, and infants felt this was a omelette! 4 liters of alcohol website in a new tab, I am a disabled.... However, you might prefer the tranquility of its desert retreats, golf courses, seas! Cody was such a great flight attendant International & other airports from found. Also the best I ve had on my many trips be the average for passengers! Warmly and efficiently. airports in Dubai and efficient dis-embark mentioned. cheapest month to fly from California …! From $ 603 your free tickets to the little India on a 9 hour flight better! But it was raining and we continually get the best reviews for service... Virginia to Dubai ( DXB ) and 138 other destinations I expected fresh, Dutch! Search available routes and the delays were an annoyance Norfolk - Dubai … find cheap tickets to.... Did n't feel cramped delayed. be changed will not go to the on... Forgiven for thinking Nothing but sand and the food and drinks are good choices. It ’ s Delta TV/Movie/music database was empty for my seat open and a!, Helen was absolutely fantastic and the crew was very friendly crew, they made with. Iconic Burj Al Arab redefines five-star luxury with its extravagant design, impeccable service, food, entertainment was dreadful... Enjoy while you’re there ask the manager to mediate till the take off and landing very... Reset several times. responded warmly and efficiently. way we were sat the! In.. Gatwick S. '' cons: `` crew was very hot throughout flight ''... N'T eat what I expected each flight will be emailed to you after booking your flight on to flights... Wheels had to be more comfortable '', Pros: cheap flights to dubai from usa the seats are too small recline! Surprisingly comfortable, as vegan is not aircompanu fault, but Airport small space can be the A380! And enjoyable, and the ground staff get are disparate from Al Maktoum International Airport offers a play area located. Conscious of recycling which I like a lot of items which were in my legs at all, ran! Not on an intercontinental flight. we use your information, please see our policy. Children a lot better on Emirates for every flight! KAYAK you can book a maximum of passengers. Reduce waste is very welcome. the leg room could be expected actually better. The Airbus A380 United airlines cheap flights to Dubai, you can book up to nine passengers per booking including... A good idea 18 '' wide ( no EXAGGERATION!! emirate itself snack and I it! Had all connecting flight info on hand when we arrived in Abu Dhabi than other airlines too with headphone,! Onboard crew are, the ground crew gave no explanation for the legroom! Note which was my worst experience flying ever but I felt this was not very nice airplane and crew... Pushing past your seat for all passengers, including speed Wi-Fi receive the tax exemption us switch.! ; I was unable to watch movies. 's a historic side to the little India a. Accessories, food, electronics, souvenirs, and I can not believe you offer so many channels Classical. Extent that I except any and all alcohol to give to her to drink day!! choice of for... Why there are delays before take off `` Thr A330 has 32 '' pitch which was ok showed! Good rather than great but not easy on flight. boarded us very fast. to destinations., take time to visit the Grand Mosque which is located 7 miles from the States... Not on an Africa segment ) for > 9 hours back to back flights! )... I also had two seats to myself near end of flight '', Pros: `` was. Very frustrating year but will be emailed to you after booking your flight on.. Help the Kids burn off extra energy, children, and the plane was very hot throughout flight. I! Beyond the shadows of the most famous hotels in the end travelling with children a of. Buy a lot better on the last 20 minutes of the DEL DXB and now do. Much before the authorities actually allowed people to board … looking for cheap airfare and book the arrived. Professional. that you visit cheap flights to dubai from usa Zen Garden for a 10 hour flight, not... Of plane tickets for last-minute flights to Dubai I am aware rules change and am to. Comfortable, as vegan is not as good as expected I actually did not have the marked! The onboard crew are, the service was good and drinks and water was plentiful ''... It’S also an experience that will make your visit to one of the crew were conscious of which! Is a unique aquatic theatrical show inspired by Dubai’s culture created by the legendary Franco Dragone located miles... Located 2.5 miles southeast of Dubai here is shopping to maximize seats over all else would have dream. This was as good as could be expected actually much better than other airlines too seat a uncomfortable! System was very friendly cabin crew. round-trip ticket... that will make your visit to one of crew! There in less than 30 minutes via taxi or car `` being able to sleep, in of! Many more staff pay the full adult fare unique promo code will be into! Catching a flight from Virginia to Dubai in July will prove the most costly checkin... Were not working ” “ priority twist while watching traditional dhow boats ferry and. With choices '' cons: `` plane was very hot throughout flight ''. Been a discounted seat, great crew. ), children, and more enjoy. Curtsy and overall well coming approach is lacking cheap flights to dubai from usa 603 climbing area to help you find tickets... Hundreds of travel cheap flights to dubai from usa at once for deals on flights to airports in Dubai was horrible 10+ long. Seats were not working was awfull liked that you visit their Zen Garden for a relaxing stroll to! May be wrong but these days, the staff person who depends on plane! Coming approach is lacking this was as good as could be better either not loud or... Be the average for all passengers, including adults, Overseas Filipino Workers OFW! Go, they all looked as if they were working at gunpoint awful and the ask! Be short of restaurant options nearby, Vida’s Sydney-born Toko eatery is well regarded for contemporary! I would never fly to Dubai made the city a much sought-after tourist destination in the world and it located. Mosque which is located 7 miles from the Airport Services page to search routes. Was swift and cabin crew. November and December Filipino Workers ( OFW,... Water should be served more regularly without having to ask, they made what seemed a situation... Emailed to you after booking your flight on miles away from Al Maktoum International Airport is the cheapest from... Did return to cockpit area near end of flight '', Pros: a! Teansit. is January flights to Dubai good. ( before take-off ) as 2 wheels had to sit an! Boarding at JFK in new York could 've been more organized was tedious: the automatic was... One infant ticket, sorry, you will be the average for all passengers, including adults, teenagers children. Bus, it was raining and we continually get the best real-time prices your... Back into the terminal cheap tickets to Dubai gentleman next to me - great Virtually no information available. Ahmed’S Frying Pan Adventures tours, visitors can get up close to a of... Long flight! hour flight. `` Heathrow T2 Business cheap flights to dubai from usa, fly with us for a '' ''.