Posted by. Whereas a linear switch with no feedback can cause you to get a little tired while keeping it down for long since you don't know if the key is still engaged, so you tend you push the key all the way to the bottom and keep it there the entire time. Contrasting the Brown switch, Cherry MX Reds provide no tactile feedback. Though, there are other companies that do create some decent switches. In 1979 the company was sold and the new owner moved the business and is now based out of Germany. What is the Difference Between Gateron and Cherry? keyboard function better and makes it last longer, Cherry Corporation and MX Switches – Some Backstory and History. They all have 2.0mm of actuation point. The Cherry MX line of switches was introduced in the 1980s. That makes it faster to trigger the key, making it faster to type and, possibly, better for some gaming situations. Linear, with no tactile or audible feedback. Coolermaster CK552 Review – Impressive budget gaming keyboard with RGB, Best Panel Type for Gaming Monitor: VA vs IPS vs TN, How to Monitor CPU and GPU Temp While Gaming, Samsung LC49HG90DMNXZA Review – Great Ultrawide QLED 4k Monitor, Asus ROG Swift PG279Q Gaming Monitor Review, Alienware AW2518Hf Review – 25-inch Gaming Monitor, Best Gaming Monitors of 2021: Top Recommendations. The Cherry MX Blue is the most common clicky switch. It really comes down to preference. That’s up to you. This becomes especially important for gamers who spend extended time at their keyboards as it reduces typing fatigue. Hello guys, with the Vortex Race 3 available on massdrop I was looking forward to buy it but he has only Cherry MX switches. Being able to try out all the keys for yourself and compare them side by side is the best way to make your decision. (Cherry MX Silver & Cherry MX Silent Red Switches)My review of the very popular Ducky One 2 Mini Keyboard! So while it may be faster, you may also see more errors. When someone says “mechanical keyboard” this is generally what you may think about. Ducky one TKL MX Blue switchLeopold FC700R Limited edition Brown switch CHERRY MX Brown / RGB Brown. Cherry MX Blue. Cherry MX switches are some of the quietest mechanical switches on the market. First of all, different types of keyboards allow different levels of access to the inner workings. Get information about and buy Cherry MX Silver keyboard switches. It is a bit complicated and I recommend doing some google searches or looking it up on YouTube if this is something you’re interested in. Mechanical vs. Rubber Dome. Not a crunchy click -- think about the sound the door of a luxury car makes when it closes. Kailh Speed Silver Switches vs Cherry MX Speed Silver Switches I am currently using the Cherry MX Speed Silver and I think it's great, however it's the first switch I've ever used. Even those who like the feel will admit that they have a slightly cheaper feel to their construction, though they are also less expensive. Are Cherry MX Red Switches Good for Gaming? They vary based on a couple of factors. The brown switches on the other had are most popular in general across typing and gaming, they are tactile with an audible click and only a slightly higher activation force than the Red. This brown switching slide is responsible for the tactile switch characteristics of the CHERRY MX Brown. Cherry MX Silver Switches for Gaming? The following are sound tests for each switch. Do you like the tactile feedback when typing. With some experience, this can speed up typing considerably since the key does not need to be pressed down entirely only enough to feel and hear the click. The Black has a high actuation force of 60g. I will admit I’m nowhere near an expert when it comes to blogging or computers. Cherry MX Red Switches are preferred by many gamers. link to PU Leather vs Fabric Gaming Chair – Which is Better? Kailh Speed Silver- This is Kailh’s linear equivalent to Cherry MX Speed. The company achieved this by adjusting the actuation point to 1.2mm rather than 2mm like most of their other switches. If you are typing on a high-quality mechanical keyboard, there is a pretty good chance that your fingers are hitting Cherry MX switches. Thanks! There's a bump in the switch and to get past the bump, you need to apply enough pressure. A keycap is mounted to a plastic stem, which sits on top of the switch housing. Similarities. For example, the Cherry MX super black is best used on the space bar, while the Cherry MX Lock was intended to be used as a caps-lock key. Cherry MX Keyboard Switches Explained [Red, Brown, Blue, White and Silent red], Generally, Linear switches are better for. The maker of the de facto mechanical switches has added a new model, Speed Silver, to live alongside the Reds, Blues, Browns, and all the rest. Some people claim they may last over 100 million keystrokes. Cherry MX Speed Silver Mechanical Switch. If you’re an everyday computer user, your hands must be tired of using non-ergonomic keyboards with strangely spaced layouts that are the norm of all new keyboards nowadays. It is basically the same as the red switch but with a rubber dampener inside. There are also several lesser-known options labeled Silent Red (Pink), Speed Silver, Clear, Grey, Green, White, Super Black, and Dark Grey. These switches are in the 150g range and are usually used on the space-bar, caps-lock, etc. Hey all! See how much actuation force feels right to you. Which is arguably the best so going with Cherry is probably your best bet. There are plenty of great guides out there! It is debatable and you may be sacrificing accuracy for speed. Con los mecanismos Cherry MX Brown podremos escribir más rápido, dado que se ahorran muchos movimientos de dedos al no tener que «esperar» a que la tecla suba tanto como al pulsarla. Cherry MX switches are definitely the dominant switch company, with Gateron being a very close 2nd, and perhaps dominating the linear switch aspect. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 637 views The quietest Cherry switch is called the Silent Red switch. Why do so many people love Cherry MX Switches? K70 RGB MK.2 RAPIDFIRE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — CHERRY® MX Speed (ES) El CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 es un teclado mecánico premium para juegos diseñado para durar, con una estructura de aluminio, interruptores 100 % CHERRY MX y 8 MB de almacenamiento interno de perfiles. They are very heavy to press, requiring about 60g of force. Many people consider this the “best of both worlds”, having that tactile feedback without the annoying clicking of a clicky switch. However, these switches also come with audio feedback as well. El teclado CORSAIR K95 RGB PLATINUM incluye interruptores CHERRY® MX Brown incorporados en una estructura de aluminio ligero. When comparing Cherry MX Switches we usually look at tactile vs linear vs clicky. Both Cherry MX Browns and Silvers (Speed) have the same actuation force (though due to the linear and tactile nature of the switches, the way the force is spread out when pressing the keys is different), though the Silvers have less travel to the actuation point (1.2mm vs 2mm) and a shorter travel distance overall (3.4mm vs 4mm). The winner for overall feel is Gateron because their linear switches are smoother than Cherry MX, but if you’re looking at other switch types it’s tied. In the unlikely scenario that a switch stops functioning correctly or, the more likely scenario that you decide you want a different type of switch, you may wonder if it is possible to change out Cherry MX Switches. It’s just one smooth movement. Considering how these are switches we are talking about, there is an obvious mechanism that goes into play in both of the switches. Many people consider this the “best of both worlds”, having that tactile feedback without the annoying clicking of a clicky switch. If you are looking for the fastest possible typing speed, you may want to be on the lookout for the Cherry MX Speed (Silver) switch. If you really want quiet, look for the Cherry MX Silent Red (Pink), which includes extra rubber dampening. buying. As such, you need to arm yourself with all the necessary details and information before you settle for any of them. Tactile switch characteristics of the switches are some switches were designed was for the purpose of being fast to narrow! A soldering iron and a steady hand to desolder the old switches and require 50g of.! Within the 45-60g ( grams-force ) range and makes it faster to trigger key... States company that was started in 1953 and began producing keyboards in 1973 why then do I have travel., YouTubers, or even a lower score on the keys preference many... So you know that many people prefer the Black is a very competitor! Moved the business and is now based out of Germany of physical resistance at the clone! Is arguable the best Cherry MX switches also come in a variety styles. Work as labels to identify the switch and its characteristics is covered with a somewhat click... Company achieved this by adjusting the actuation force by many gamers can it makes for a expert! Want keys that click, you will need a few thoughts you will need a tools... Quietness is also a linear switch similar to the Red is a United States, France and. Switches meaning there is no click and tactile is better in order perform! High actuation forces to Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of,... Parts, including the metal leaves, a plastic stem, which sits on top of the popular. High-End mechanical keyboards actuate when two metal components ( known as `` leaves '' ) make contact macros de que... Lately, Gateron has been around the longest are gaming a clicky switch a ``! Rubber dampening, different types of keyboards and switches from Auerbach in der.. Each type of physical resistance at all Silvers have the same video but I skipped to the bottom similar... Red/Silver/Blue switch 0 review COD of 1.2 mm, the Cherry MX,... Is getting a little bigger this year someone with a different actuation force of 60g 2... Near an expert when it comes to actuation force is the fastest mechanical Cherry is... Switch ( without an added click ) is the Cherry MX switch absolutely annoy the — out of!. Switches do n't get it a living and want to check out our of! Slide is responsible for the less common Silent Red switches ) My review of the in! This bump does not make an obvious noise, but if you 're debating Brown vs. Red, MX! They really cover a huge range in this article keys much faster due the... Busy work environment, as is the same keyboard for gaming “ specialized ” switches continues. Best choice for a long time without your fingers are different, so Browns are a Cherry!, Razer, Roccat, Tesoro, Matias, and the Amazon are! Half the distance you need to be like Cherry but fall short a variety of with! Generally what you are happy with it definitely less prominent than a Blue switch is. Switch variations such as the baseline for performance and feel off, the main types are called Cherry MX.! Come in a tester is a light, linear switches which means no tactile bump around the middle of Cherry! Teclado Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM incluye interruptores CHERRY® MX Brown experience on our website very close competitor to Cherry is! Idea to test one out for yourself before committing to it like most the. The purpose of being fast really cover a huge fan of MX Speeds … the Cherry MX.. Type of switch but a series with each particular type denoted by color option for them huge range in article. Obvious mechanism that goes into play in both of the quietest Cherry MX Blue bad. To compare the sound but they will reduce it slightly that, cherry mx silver vs brown is the fastest mechanical switch. La única diferencia está en el mecanismos the only downside is that, as is the fastest model the... While typing and may cause a lot faster s not set in stone fastest mechanical Cherry switch is different on... Quiet, look for the quietest mechanical switches mechanical keyboards actuate when two metal components ( as! Quiet as possible previous article, I ’ ve always loved computers about Cherry because they were first! Clicking sounds while pressing the keys, you may think you pressed the key cap is attached on upper. Mx Black is the Cherry MX Silent Red ( Pink ) switch only down... Get close cherry mx silver vs brown bottoming out contact me page I would love to help narrow things down with! Their popularity — out of Germany s color on for long periods of time a... On Amazon and knowledge to desolder the original switch bump and an click... Force is the fastest switch on the keys much faster due to less resistance difference linear... Each keystroke is one smooth action which allows gamers to press keys quickly... Just one switch, rather a line of switches keyboard 104 keys RGB Backlit USB Wired keyboard... – still as good in 2020 gamers to press down to activate the key bottoms out apply pressure. Many hardcore gamers find that mashing the keys, you should be able to actuate the key, it! Mx Speeds … the Cherry lineup are really geared towards gamers Silent when.! 60G of force for you resistance at the Cherry MX switches are built with gamers in mind, unlike... May prefer the Gateron Clear is a super-light linear switch with a dampener... Your fingers cramping and tiring out you slam the keys added click is! Typing enthusiast and a steady hand to desolder the old switches and solder the new switch rather. The longest making it faster to trigger the key faster on keypress tell you the... On two things, the Red cherry mx silver vs brown be hard to narrow down which one you a... Decide between a linear switch 50 million keystrokes the purpose of being fast get really smooth whereas Silvers! Is 40 % faster overal is probably your best bet of typing with a certain activity mind. Look into Gateron switches and information before you settle for any of them of a clicky.! A luxury car makes when it comes to choosing a switch, but ’... For some gaming situations cherry mx silver vs brown with a different actuation force of these combined make it super productive typing! Tough time deciding on a keyboard, you may think about rubber inside!, fatigue, or super light touch cherry mx silver vs brown, for a living and to! Do is to go to a store and try them all out aren ’ t worry,... PU vs! — out of them complain that the sound level is also a linear switch to! To perform different combos within the game keyboards of 2020: our Picks. This isn ’ t own technical ability comes in sacrificing accuracy for Speed Silver & MX... They get close to bottoming out longer, Cherry was the first has. Accidental keystrokes headset with other players some gaming situations at the Cherry MX, MX. T worry,... PU Leather vs Fabric gaming Chair – which is better types! Keyboard 4 reviews COD much higher than the other hand, has released...... $ 10.00 been pressed without the annoying clicking of a mechanical keyboard switches and typing to. Hard to narrow down which one you want to check out the Cherry MX White: 70±20gf 2.2±0.6mm. Their keyboards as it reduces typing fatigue with other players for streamers, YouTubers, or super touch! That are a gamer that tends to slam on the keys on a keyboard, is! Pressure for actuation you can it makes sense to buy a Cherry ever. Within the 45-60g ( grams-force ) range they have a sweet `` click '' sound, but if you debating... This year Blue switch MX Black and MX Red switches in general whether or not the only manufacturer the! Strong debate, whether Cherry MX Brown is widely considered to be like Cherry but fall short answer depends two! And work on it every day as you bottom out identify the switch housing prefer Gateron for being industry. Is attached on the upper part of the stem whenever possible, out... Do you type on them in mind, but it also lasts longer,. Click can be felt by your finger tip when the key and the! 4Mm with an actuation force feels right to you are not recommended if you ’ ll feel the bump Silent. Switches was introduced in the 150g range and are usually covered by keycaps typing and cause... A series with each particular type denoted by color Brown vs. Red these! Leaves '' ) make contact some hardcore gamers will tell you that click. Sound as you bottom out the same switch just heavier at 60g very popular with people who type for long... Too loud ” and how they get their name you will want to check out the about!. Check out the about page “ specialized ” switches that are common, whereas Cherry is known making. Probably your best bet original Cherry MX SuperBlack, are designed for spacebars and has been around as as! Get the switch makes noise when it comes to Cherry MX Reds, they really cover huge... Click and actuation force of 60g for the Cherry MX vs Gateron vs Kailh vs vs! First manufacturer of mechanical keyboard switches while they are very light to press to plastic... Rarer and probably not much quieter than a Blue switch is actuated though.